Black widow? Anastasia Kvitko dresses flirty for fans

Black widow? Anastasia Kvitko dresses flirty for fans | Instagram

The russian model who has conquered millions thanks to her curves has decided to accentuate them again, but this time Anastasia Kvitko wore a tight black look she looked like a flirt “black widow“.

There is no doubt that the beauty of Anastasia kvitko It can be worn with any type of garment, whether short, long or showing your skin, it always manages to highlight your exquisite figure.

Something that was also showing off, but in the background was the car that was behind her, she asked her followers if how cute it seemed to them, could it be that she wanted to buy it for her.

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It is possible that the Russian celebrity has been promoting a company that is dedicated to renting cars in Miami, Florida, United States, while doing so he took the opportunity to pamper his followers with a photo of him.

The picture “The Russian Kim Kardashian“He shared it through his storiesIG, where he surely had several responses from his millions of fans on the Instagram application.

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With top, pants and black glasses, the beautiful model and businesswoman reminds us of the character of Black Widow or the Black Widow in Latin America while posing in the photo, she is also wearing a long beige jacket.

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“We cannot shoot two points this way.”