Black tea helps to have healthier hair and promotes its growth, according to science

Black tea is an ancient remedy to promote hair growth, increase its shine and hydration.

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By now we all know about the immense medicinal and therapeutic potential of drinking tea. Not in vain is it considered the healthiest drink on the planet, its daily consumption is one of the best kept secrets for health: it reduces blood pressure, stimulates metabolism, improves digestion, hydrates the body and sharpens brain function. As if that were not enough, his list of benefits does not cease to amaze us and a new report arrives to confirm its powerful benefits to strengthen hair. According to a recent investigation, it was found that wet hair with black tea can produce faster growth, higher shine, and more intense color. The best? This simple beauty tip can even make gray hair disappear.

It will never be pleasant to experience hair loss, and although it tends to occur as part of the aging process, other factors such as certain hormonal changes, heredity, and various specific medical conditions also play a role. It is also a condition that usually affects people’s self-esteem and safety, especially when it occurs at an early age. The good news is that nature always comes to save us and puts within our reach magnificent simple and all-natural beauty treatments Like black tea!

There are several references that talk about the benefits of black tea and hair health, based on this we know that it is a fascinating method that I know has been used for centuries to strengthen hair health. And the main reason is related to the immense potential of its oxidized leaves from the camellia sinensis plant, which by releasing its powerful antioxidants called tannins, neutralize free radicals that damage cells. The same antioxidant effect is said is healthy for the skin of the scalpIn addition, the caffeine content of black tea is known to potentially stimulate hair growth. Combined, these attributes can make hair grow faster and healthier, caffeine is also said to blocks the activation of a hormone which can cause hair loss, which usually happens equally in men and women due to changes that occur in hormonal levels, as part of age.

In fact, there is a study that supports it, which was carried out on human skin samples and showed how the application of caffeine and testosterone increased the production of keratin (protein). Thanks to this, the researchers discovered that this process lengthens the hair growth phase, which is also responsible for producing new hair. Another study focused on analyzing the effects of applying a topical liquid caffeine solution, among the most relevant discoveries it was found that using a hair rinse that contains black tea is the best ally to hydrate, increase natural shine and can even infuse gray hair with temporary color.

As part of the side effects worth mentioning, the black tea rinse can also cause some dry hair or scalpespecially if it is left to sit too long. It is important to keep in mind that it is a method not so recommended for people with light hair tones.

How to do it at home?

– Start with a low amount of black tea, a good recommendation is to start with a couple of tea bags. Boil 500 ml of water, add the tea bags and steep for 15 minutes. Then allow it to cool to room temperature.

– Place the tonic in a glass container and steep long enough for the tea tonic to set. A couple of hours is perfect.

– Pour the tea on the hair and rest between 10-60 minutes. Just keep in mind that the longer you let it sit, the greater the chance of dryness.

– Rinse with plenty of cold water preferably and wait the next day to wash your hair regularly.

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