Black Panther Gets the Power of Marvel’s Phoenix in Avengers # 41 Preview

The Phoenix Force has remained on Earth, hopping from host to host, in the pages of Avengers, with a different iconic superhero joining the next cosmic entity: Black Panther.

Marvel shared a trailer for Avengers # 41, from Jason Aaron and Javier Garrón, with Earth’s Mightiest Heroes supporting a glove of the Phoenix Force to find a suitable new host. As T’Challa meditates at his home in Wakanda, he is attacked by a Man-Thing attached to the Phoenix and inherits the fire powers of the Phoenix himself in an epic showdown. The preview pages, written by Aaron, illustrated by Garrón, colored by David Curiel and written by Cory Petit of the VC, can be seen below along with the standard cover illustrated by Leinil Francis Yu and colored by Sunny Gho.

AVENGAS # 41JASON AARON (W) – JAVIER GARRÓN (A) – COVER OF LEINIL YUDISEÑO VARIANT OF THE FOUNDRY by Javier GarrónTHE VARIANT OF COVER CONNECTION BY DUSTIN WEAVERMARAVELA VS. EXTRATERRESTRIAL VARIANT COVERED BY LEINIL FRANCIS YU THE BATTLE TO DECIDE THE NEW PHOENIX CONTINUES! Who will wield the power of the FORCE OF THE PHOENIX? A world tournament is underway, under the direction of the firebird himself, pitting some of Marvel’s greatest heroes against their fiercest enemies and against each other, giving each of them a taste of the awesome cosmic power they are in. in Game. Everything will be transformed. Not all will survive. 32 PGS./T + Rating … $ 3.99

Previously, the Phoenix took on Captain America and Doctor Doom, with both figures joining the Phoenix Force as they fought in the Savage Land. As T’Challa was already expressing deep mistrust of the Phoenix, he may have put aside his difference with him to surpass the Man-Thing and survive.

Written by Jason Aaron and illustrated by Javier Garrón, Avengers # 41 goes on sale January 20 from Marvel Comics.