Washington, USA

Protests over the death of a black citizen at the hands of the police intensified on Tuesday in the United States at the outrage generated by President Donald Trump’s order to suppress a peaceful demonstration and his threat to mobilize the army.

Five months after the presidential election, Trump stoked the tension after threatening on Monday to mobilize the army to impose order in the largest protests in decades, unleashing criticism from the Democratic opposition accusing him of “adding gasoline to the fire.”

Peaceful protests over George Floyd’s death by suffocation more than a week ago in Minneapolis when he was immobilized by a white police officer led to violent incidents at night, despite the curfew that prevails in many cities.

I am offended that he is willing to deploy the military, ”Amore, a 16-year-old high school student mobilized on the streets of New York, where thousands of people marched peacefully yesterday, told ..

Greater deployment
Trump reiterated on Tuesday his threat to deploy the army and affirmed that in Washington “there were no problems” with the repression on Monday night, praising the role of the police, who evicted protesters stationed outside the church with tear gas. Saint John.

The uniformed officers detained 300 people, most for skipping the curfew, although there were also arrests for robberies and looting, local police chief Peter Newsham reported.

After the demobilization of the protesters, Trump walked with some of his collaborators to that temple, a historic building near the White House that had been damaged on Sunday, where he allowed himself to be photographed with a Bible in hand.

Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser criticized the military’s deployment “on the streets against the Americans,” in tune with several Democratic governors. But Attorney General Bill Barr replied, warning that there will be a “bigger” deployment tonight.

Authorities in large cities such as Washington and Los Angeles again decreed a curfew for this Tuesday, while in New York the restriction will be in effect until June 7, after the looting of large stores on Fifth Avenue.

Despite incidents and criticism from New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo, who said that police and the municipality “did not do their job,” the city’s mayor, Bill De Blasio, refused to deploy the Guard. National in estimating that the police can cope with the situation.

Systemic racism ”
The coronavirus pandemic crystallized many of the inequalities suffered by the black community in the United States, from a greater probability of dying from coronavirus, to unemployment rates twice as high as that of whites.

Trump’s response to the biggest unrest in decades was criticized by Joe Biden, a virtual Democratic presidential candidate in the November elections.

In a speech yesterday in Philadelphia, Biden said the protests are a “wake-up call” and promised that if elected he will fight “systemic racism.”

Rejection and closure of account
European Union.
George Floyd’s death was an abuse of power and the EU is “shocked and shocked,” said foreign policy chief Josep Borrell.

Twitter reported yesterday Tuesday that it closed an account managed by a group of white supremacists who were posing as the Antifa (anti-fascist) movement that called for violence.

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