The authorities also reported that they are treating two more people who were seriously injured.

By: Web Writing

UNITED KINGDOM.- When a protest of Black Lives Matter, a man murdered three people after attacking them with a knife, in addition two other people were seriously injured, this in Reading, England.

According to various sources, the attack took place this afternoon in Forbury Gardens where a peaceful demonstration of the movement had been held minutes before.

One of the organizers of the protest identified as Nieema Hasssan said that the demonstration was ending when the bloody events occurred.

For his part, the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson posted a message via Twitter to the victims.

« My thoughts go out to everyone affected by the terrible incident in Reading and my thanks to the emergency services at the scene, » he wrote.

The authorities reported on the alleged arrest of a person at the crime scene, however, he asked the neighbors to remain protected inside their homes to begin the corresponding investigations.