The NBA and the Players Association Basketball have planned to paint the motto ‘Black Lives Matter’ (Black lives matter) on both sides of the three arenas where the resumption of the 2019/20 season is to be played at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida.

The WNBA is considering taking the same action at the IMG Academy when its season returns.

NBA players are very clear that the fight for equality and social justice has to be very present in the return of the season.

Many players, in fact, have thought about not playing this season finale again as a protest. We know right now that Chris Paul, the president of the Players Association, has been working with the league on a number of measures that could range from personalized messages on the jerseys rather than the names of the players.

Ultimately, there may be custom uniforms to fight racism around the league. The murder of George Floyd At the hands of a police officer in Minneapolis on May 25, this wave of protests has triggered players like Kyrie Irving or Avery Bradley who wanted to give the league a pulse.