Black Friday would be the hook that is being used

The phishing It is characterized because it arrives in the form of mass emails, it uses the official image of a financial institution; The message indicates transfers held for large amounts or that user information needs to be updated; contain links that lead to a fake site, and finally, request personal data. This 2020 the Black Friday is the victim.

Researchers from Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. warn of the alarming rise in malicious phishing campaigns using Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday deals as a hook once the sales season for these events begins.

According to researchers, during the first week of this month there was an 80 percent increase in the number of email phishing campaigns related to special offers compared to October – the number of malicious campaigns as of November 10 already exceeded the total figures of the previous month.

Criminals take advantage of neuromarketing by using key terms that they know email users cannot resist consulting, such as “Offer”, “cheap” or “discount”, among others, with the aim of opening the emails.

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The company estimates that 1 in 826 messages delivered to recipients around the world is phishing, 13 times more than in October. In fact, according to the Q3 Check Point Brand Phishing Report, email is the most widely used attack vector for spreading these types of campaigns, accounting for 44 percent.

Specifically among the brands, they put as an example the jewelry firm Pandora, which would have been used as a hook for a scam under the subject “Cyber ​​Monday, only 24 hours left!”, They sent thousands of emails using the sender name “Jewelry Pandora ( ”.

In Mexico, some of the most used brands in this sense have been examples such as “Netflix is ​​offering a year of free access” in WhatsApp, Santander, adidas recently with your masks or simply Google Docs, when a hacker sends a document to an undetermined number of users by email who, without realizing it, open the link and through it their personal information is left vulnerable.

To avoid falling into these frauds it is necessary to go directly to the official page of the brands, since in some cases the offers are usually true, in Mexico only the store that has commented to open the topic of Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday is Coppel, with an event that will last six days, from November 27 to December 3. However, El Buen Fin is just closing, so not all companies have started with their strategies for the new temporalities.