Black Desert Online free for Amazon Prime members

If you are a regular MuyComputer reader you won’t have had any problems getting Black Desert Online for free During the last few months, since this game has been the subject of numerous promotions, and in the most recent one we were able to get it through Steam.

I understand that there are people who paid for the game and may have been upset by all the times it has been possible to get Black Desert Online for free. I was one of those who paid for the game at the time, taking advantage of a promotion that lowered it to about 4 euros, I think I remember, but in my case the opposite happens. I’m glad that less resourceful players were able to get hold of Black Desert Online for free.

The fact is that today, Pearl Abyss, has confirmed a collaboration with Amazon that will allow all Amazon Prime subscribers to get Black Desert Online for free, in a very simple way, and without having to assume any type of condition or commitment. This means that once you claim the game, will be yours forever, regardless of whether you maintain your Amazon Prime subscription.

How to get Black Desert Online for free

The process is very simple, you just have to log in to Amazon Prime and access the web page dedicated to free games and rewards. Once there, select the corresponding option to get Black Desert Online for free and voila, will become yours forever. Also remember that new promotions appear every month that you can enjoy as an Amazon Prime subscriber.

Interesting, right? You have time to enjoy this promotion, since will be active until May 5But don’t rest on your laurels, lest you forget it and you end up losing this opportunity. On the other hand, Pearl Abyss has also confirmed that they will give away a pet and a transaction maid, and that there will be a series of special events with which we can get numerous rewards in the coming days.

The minimum requirements of Black Desert Online are quite modest, and despite this the truth is that the game has an outstanding graphic finish, saving detail from the annoying “popping” that occurs at too close a distance, although it is perfectly understandable, as this helps reduce hardware-level demands by limiting the number of elements that are rendered simultaneously on the screen, and the degree of detail of these.

To play it with guarantees in 1080p, high quality and enjoy a good level of fluency we will need

Windows 7, 8 or 10 as the operating system. Core i5 650 or AMD FX 4350 processor. 8 GB of RAM. Radeon RX 480 graphics card with 4 GB or GTX 970 with 4 GB. DirectX 11.

If we want to configure it in ultra quality We will need a next-generation, high-performance graphics card. To give you an idea, in 1440p with this mode activated (it is above the remastered mode) my RTX 3080 achieves, on average, between 80 and 100 FPS, while the immediately lower quality mode maintains an almost fixed 144 FPS.