During all these months and due to the coronavirus pandemic, we have seen how many concerts have had to be postponed to avoid massive contagion, going from the real scenes to the houses or studios of our favorite artists in streaming presentations. The world enters the ‘new normal’, and while the vast majority of the shows are on hold, Björk is ready to sing in front of a live audience.

Just as they read it. It turns out that the singer will become one of the first great artists to play before an audience since COVID-19 forced to postpone the most important concerts and festivals around the world. In addition to being extremely special news, The shows that the Icelandic artist will give will be for a good cause because it will support the charity Kvennaathvarfið, that supports women and immigrants from different backgrounds in Iceland.

Björk will return to the stage giving three concerts with a live audience!

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According to Pitchfork, in total there will be three concerts that Björk will give at the Harpa Hall in Reykjavik, and in the first of them – programmed for the August 9– only will be supported by the Hamrahlíð choir and for the other presentations, which will take place on August 15 and 23, the Iceland Symphony Orchestra will join.

Specifically, the string ensemble of the orchestra will play 15, while the brass section will be featured on the 23rd along with the Viibra flute septet. The singer’s three performances will be streamed via the Iceland Airwaves festival page and according to Björk herself, will be acoustic presentations, without beats or electric instruments.

Björk will return to the stage giving three concerts with a live audience!Björk will return to the stage giving three concerts with a live audience!

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And perhaps at this point they are wondering how it is that the singer can give these concerts with people enjoying live, and the reason is very simple. Iceland, in addition to having a small population, managed to tame the pandemic very well And it is one of the few places in the world that can consider the measures they took as a success. As of this writing, only they have 1,838 confirmed cases throughout the country, two new cases and unfortunately 10 deaths.

After presenting his spectacular and somewhat affectionate show last year, Cornucopia with five dates in the Bicentennial Park of Mexico City, the singer planned to put together a couple of orchestra performances throughout Europe this year, but now she will have to settle for the few (or many) fans who will see her live in her native country.

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