BJ Saunders exploded against Canelo and accuses him of corrupt

Tremendous scandal has just been unleashed with the British accusations, Billy Joe Saunders, facing his fight against the Mexican, Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez, since the European boxer directly accused the Guadalajara-born to change the agreements of your fight.

BJ Saunder exploded against Canelo By mentioning that he modified the agreements they had to finalize their fight, these statements have caused a tremendous scandal.

“Rather, it is settled. It is a scandal, it is already fixed and the results are already done. We know there is a lot of corruption in boxing. And I’m a little disappointed because he already planned events for the Caleb Plan fightt ”, he explained Saunders.

By asking you for an explanation of your statements, Saunders He gave two examples of how they modified the agreements.

I am here to win. I made this deal based on an English judge, an American judge and a Mexican judge. And now when I came here the other day, no English judge or English officials are allowed in for the fight. That is all I can do. I stuck to my end of the deal. I have become attached to my side of words. First of all, there would be no crowds. The next thing you know is that there are 70,000He commented.

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