Thanks to Decrypt we know that “the largest Bitcoin wallet” (which belongs to a totally unknown individual or group of people) has made a movement of 101,857 BTC.

Currently (at the time of publishing this article) these hundreds of thousands of Bitcoins correspond to about 933 million dollars. This amount has been moved to two other unknown directions.

The first notice of this important move came from the Bitcoin Block Bot, a service that is responsible for automatically reviewing transactions. It happened on June 27.

As we were saying, these 101,857 Bitcoins reached two also unknown addresses. One of the movements was 5,000 BTC, while the other direction received the remaining 96,857 BTC.

The portfolio from which these funds come was considered the largest outside of an exchange. In April it had 0.55% of all Bitcoins existing to date. To give us a better idea of ​​its size, if we compared it to that with exchanges, it was in third place, behind Huobi and Binance.

The address that received the second move (of 96,857 BTC) has automatically become Bitcoin’s second largest wallet, as we can see from BitInfoCharts.

Bermix Studio Ax1hn4und I UnsplashBermix Studio Ax1hn4und I Unsplash

The mystery of its origin

Here the main question is to know who owns this wallet and all this money. A Reddit user has speculated that this wallet could belong to the BitStamp exchange (BitGo guards its digital assets).

Decrypt have contacted both companies and, unsurprisingly, have not received the response they perhaps expected: “Thank you for contacting us. For privacy reasons we are unable to confirm customers or their addresses.”

Other speculations point to the Winklevoss brothers (the two twins who brought Mark Zuckerberg to court) or Hal Finney’s family (the first person to run the Bitcoin software after Satoshi Nakamoto)

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