Bitcoin Stays Above $ 18,000 While Ethereum Surpasses $ 500

The main cryptocurrency on the market, Bitcoin remains above $ 18,000. In the last 24 hours, BTC has had an increasing variation of 3.41%. At the time of publication, it is trading at USD 18,679 according to our internal tool, crypto online.

In relation to the evolution seen since yesterday, the digital currency had much of the day below USD 18,000. However, shortly before midnight he managed to overcome and position himself above said barrier. This is how Bitcoin remains above 18K until the time of writing.

For its part, Ethereum is in a good moment, the cryptocurrency stands at $ 505 at the time of writing. Thus obtaining an increasing variation of 6.03% in the last 24 hours.

At this price, ETH would come in for its best price since mid-June 2018, as this was the last time the digital currency traded above $ 500 per unit.

Let’s keep in mind that the cryptocurrency registered its best moment on January 14 of that same year, when its price reached historical highs equivalent to USD 1,360 in various exchanges.

Cryptocurrencies will be helpful, but BTC is hard to understand, says SoftBank CEO

While the current bull run on cryptocurrencies is driving their adoption, some billionaire investors still believe that BTC is something of a distraction.

Masayoshi Son, a billionaire tech entrepreneur and CEO of Japanese conglomerate SoftBank, claimed that he “doesn’t understand” BTC. All of this means that Bitcoin remains above $ 18,000 and has broken its three-year high.

Speaking at the New York Times DealBook conference, Son said he thinks investing in Bitcoin “distracts from his own focus on his own business,” Business Insider reported Nov. 19.

Son said that he would spend about five minutes each day watching BTC prices fluctuate. He noted that a friend told him to invest “1% of his personal assets” in Bitcoin. Which means it invested “about $ 200 million.”

Morgan Creek Digital Co-Founder Sold His Car for Bitcoin

Jason Williams, co-founder of Morgan Creek Digital, a digital asset investing company run by Morgan Creek Capital, sold his car for Bitcoin.

Williams announced on Twitter that he sold his 2007 Chevrolet Suburban for 0.4 BTC, worth around $ 7,300. According to car buyer website, a used 2007 Suburban costs about $ 7,000. While the new 2021 model costs more than $ 50,000, according to the official Chevrolet website.

BlackRock Chief Investment Officer Says Bitcoin Could Replace Gold

Speaking during CNBC’s Squawk Box on Friday, BlackRock Fixed Income CEO Rick Rieder responded to a question as to whether governments could attempt to regulate Bitcoin.

“I think cryptocurrencies are here to stay, I think they are durable,” he said.

Along with central banks developing digital currencies, millennials’ “receptivity” to technology and cryptocurrencies “is real, digital payment systems are real,” Rieder said.

He also expressed that he believes that it is a durable mechanism, which could take the place of gold to a large extent. “Because BTC is much more functional than passing a gold bar,” Rieder said.

In a few lines

American rapper Logic claims to have bought Bitcoin worth US $ 6 million. According to data collected by Brad Michelson, senior manager of marketing for major trading and investment platform eToro, the monthly global search volume for Bitcoin in November This year, it has been higher than in November 2017.Digital Asset Investment Management, or DAiM, a US-based asset manager, has launched the country’s first 401K retirement plans that support Bitcoin (BTC).

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