Bitcoin plummets, and once again the reason is Elon Musk’s comments

Just a month ago, a bitcoin touched the barrier of $ 65,000. At the time of this writing it is hovering around 45,000But for the past few hours it has been even lower, below $ 43,000. What’s going on?

The main factor influencing this decline appears to be Elon Musk. A few days ago Tesla backed down and claimed that their cars could no longer be bought as bitcoin, but also this weekend it was suggested that the firm was going to sell part of the bitcoins it had acquired months ago. Musk seemed to confirm it and then deny it a few hours ago, and the price is now taking real jackpots.

Almost the entire cryptocurrency market, in losses

The effect of Elon Musk’s comments is devastating on the price of this and other cryptocurrencies. We have checked it in the past, but now it happens again and within a few hours that roller coaster has done its thing again.

It all started with a rumor suggested by the user @cryptowhale, which suggested that Tesla had dumped its bitcoin investment and had sold those assets. As many will recall, the company invested $ 1.5 billion in this cryptocurrency at the beginning of the year.

Musk will I would respond shortly after with an ‘Indeed’ (‘Indeed’), which caused a new shock in the price of bitcoin, which until that moment had been around $ 48,000. Its value plummeted, and a few hours ago it was below $ 43,000.

Elon Musk dismissed shortly thereafter, posting a tweet a few hours ago stating that “to clear up speculation, Tesla has not sold any Bitcoin,” which has caused the value has risen again suddenly And now, just three hours after your message, it’s over $ 45,000.

The price shock is certainly one of many that occur in the field of cryptocurrencies, and although other cryptocurrencies are no longer affected as much, the truth is that the sustained falls of bitcoin (more than 20% in recent days ) have caused many other cryptocurrencies to be affected and are today in the red.

Even Ethereum, which had been in a strong uptrend for weeks and it has already exceeded $ 4,200, it has also fallen significantly and is now around $ 3,500. Many others are also falling, although for example Dogecoin does so to a lesser extent for the moment and resists at $ 0.50.

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