in Refuses To Remove Bitcoin White Paper At Craig Wright’s Request


Self-proclaimed Bitcoin creator Craig Wright demands that and remove the first cryptocurrency white paper. Indeed, it speaks of copyright infringement. Cobra, owner of, refuses to comply with this requirement.

The letter, written by lawyers for Ontier, claims copyright in Craig Wright’s white paper. The latter also claims the name “Bitcoin” and ownership of the domain name

Cobra’s replica

In response, Cobra calls all of the attorneys’ statements “false” and “unfounded”. He explains the refusal to remove the bitcoin whitepaper from the site by the fact that the document had an MIT license. Therefore, it assumes free distribution.

Cobra also recalled that Satoshi Nakamoto owns the PGP public key. Indeed, thanks to this key, he can verify his identity. Moreover, he adds that Craig Wright had not yet done so.

Recall that in May 2019, Craig Wright took over the copyright of the white paper and the source code of Bitcoin. The US Copyright Office later clarified that copyright registration does not amount to an official patent and did not recognize Wright as the creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto.

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