bitcoin increases its price and exceeds 58 thousand dollars

Bitcoin has become a cryptocurrency that has risen in price steadily in the last eight weeks. During this Sunday, he once again broke his record and now has reached over 58 thousand dollars.

Shortly before noon, bitcoin was touching $ 58,255.4. Right now, according to real-time information, it is at $ 57,148 with an upward trend. It is the most popular currency, although others such as dogecoin continue to increase their price in the market.

Thus, it has achieved its first million dollars in market capitalization. These positive results have gained strength because more and more investors decide to use it and give it their support. One of the companies that has opted for this type of asset has been Tesla, which at the beginning of the month invested 1.5 billion dollars.

When that investment was released, the price of bitcoin soared to more than $ 43,000 per unit. Days before that announcement, Elon Musk had posted the message of « #bitcoin » in his description on his Twitter account, which excited users and other investors.

It does it again: bitcoin rises in price and exceeds 58 thousand dollars. Photo: .

This was seen by specialists as a smart move on Musk’s part to raise the value of the coin, and thus ensure that his investment is more profitable. However, in the markets it was considered an act of trust.

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency or virtual currency that represents an electronic means of exchange with which you can buy or pay for services and products. However, it is an asset on which there is no very clear regulation, since it does not have a bank to back it up or authority to control its issuance and the registration of its activities.

This has been the main reason why the different central banks do not reach an agreement on its use or not to carry out operations and transactions. In fact, one of the concerns around is that it can be used as an instrument for international illicit operations, such as money laundering.

However, everything indicates that in the near future it will become a common currency for operations in people’s daily lives. With regard to virtual currencies, recently the former governor of the Bank of Mexico, Agustín Carstens, pointed out that with digital currencies different benefits can be achieved, such as reducing dependence on the use of conventional banknotes. In addition, he indicated that the transactions would be cheaper and safer. Despite this, Carstens stressed that it will be each central bank that decides whether or not to approve its use.

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