Bitcoin hits new highs and, for the first time, secures a capitalization of USD 1 trillion

Bitcoin’s bull run has pushed its price above $ 56,000, and with it, BTC’s market capitalization has surpassed $ 1 trillion for the first time.

Bitcoin has no limits?

The crypto leader has brought you any kind of emotions you can name to the crypto community.

He is undoubtedly spoiling us right now as he breaks record after record.

This is how Bitcoin got bored of its latest record and raced past $ 56,000 today. According to CoinMarketCap, at the moment, Bitcoin’s price is $ 56,100 and with it, its market capitalization rises above $ 1 trillion.

It is worth mentioning that the market capitalization is the total number of coins currently in circulation multiplied by their current market price.

But why is this number so important? Quantum Economics analyst Jason Deane explained to Decrypt that the trillion dollars is a key milestone because it adds significant seriousness and shows that it is not a passing fad.

In this way, Bitcoin may have started its history in 2009 as a kind of experiment, but 12 years later, it has become a global asset with a market capitalization of over a trillion dollars.

And, if you still think that it is not enough, we tell you that, according to 8marketcap, there are only 8 tradable assets with a market capitalization that exceeds one trillion dollars. Among them are gold, silver, and companies like Apple, Microsoft, Google and Saudi Aramco.

It’s worth mentioning that it took Amazon, Microsoft, and Google 27, 45, and 22 years to surpass $ 1 trillion in market capitalization, respectively.

Binance stops Ethereum withdrawals and concerns the crypto community

Today Binance, one of the largest crypto exchanges in the world, notified its clients via Twitter that it was having problems with withdrawals from Ethereum and other ERC-20 tokens.

Therefore, it notified the temporary suspension of withdrawals for “tokens based on ETH and Ethereum to address a congestion problem.”

As always, the crypto exchange insisted over and over that the funds were ‘SAFU’ but the crypto community was equally concerned. A few hours later the exchange announced that the issue had been resolved and withdrawals were resuming.

Recently Binance issued an official statement explaining that the issue occurred at “5:13 pm (UTC) at 8:52 pm (UTC), due to an AWS outage that affected several other exchanges as well as Binance” .

Falcon Corporate Services invests in the leading crypto

According to The Block, Dubai-based Falcon Corporate Services FZC invested 75% of its corporate treasury in the leading crypto.

The company apparently made the crypto investment through BCB Treasury, a service launched by BCB Group.

Oliver von Landsberg-Sadie, CEO of the company, said, according to The Block, that the investment amounted to “several million dollars.”

Miami Mayor plans to personally invest in crypto market

According to Decrypt, Francis Suarez, the mayor of Miami, assured that he plans to personally buy cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum and, perhaps, Dogecoin.

“I can acquire Bitcoin, it can be Ethereum, and I can be Dogecoin, I have not fully prepared what I am going to do, but those are the three that I am studying,” he said.

In a few lines …

MicroStrategy reported today the sale of $ 1 billion in debt that went to the latest investment in the leading crypto. CI Global Asset Management wants to be the third Bitcoin ETF approved in Canada. OKCoin to suspend crypto trading of Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV next month The Motley Fool bets on the price of Bitcoin at $ 500,000.

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