Bitcoin exceeds 50 thousand dollars for the first time: this is its evolution

This week, Bitcoin passed the barrier of 50 thousand dollars, while for this Wednesday it is already at 51 thousand dollars.

For the first time in history, Bitcoin broke the $ 50,000 mark. The cryptocurrency market continues to rise, as its value stands at $ 51,000 this Wednesday.

The rally can even escalate to more than $ 10,000 for the next few days.

With investment injections such as the one carried out in early 2021 by Tesla, of more than 1,500 million dollars, this trend is expected to remain for a long time.

In addition, companies such as MasterCard are allowing the use of cryptocurrencies, although waiting to make it official what kind of these will they use.

The evolution of Bitcoin

Its evolution has been tremendous. In September 2015, the lowest rate of Bitcoin was at $ 224.05: as of this Wednesday, February 17, 2021, it is at $ 51,272.

In the last two months, the value of the digital currency has doubled. Its total market value in circulation reaches 909 billion dollars.

In the last 24 hours the volume of the cryptocurrency it has been $ 24.3 billion.

Remember that this virtual currency It operates without a central authority or banks, which has generated mistrust among some investors. However, its public design makes it attractive to most.

What do the experts say?

According to Brian Melville of the Cumberland firm, the $ 50,000 level « is emotional for people. » However, the expert acknowledges in conversation with the Wall street journal, « Which is the simple result of supply and demand. »

The demand not only brings price rebound, but also a growing acceptance and recognition of the asset.

However, there are skeptics like the economist Nouriel Roubini, known as “Dr. Doom ”, who maintain their doubts regarding Bitcoin.

« The Flintstones had a better monetary system than Bitcoin, » he said in an interview with Bloomberg.

“Fundamentally, Bitcoin is not a currency. It is not a unit of account, it is not a scalable means of payment and it is not a stable store ”, he added. « It keeps increasing because there is a huge amount of manipulation (…) It is a bubble. »