Bitcoin bounces 12% to six-week highs with Amazon’s approach

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Bullish double-digit movements are returning to the cryptocurrency market. The bitcoin soars up to 12% and it tempts the resistance of the $ 40,000 in high prices of the last six weeks. The Amazon’s first approach towards the sector is behind this energetic rebound.

At the moment, Amazon is only looking add a blockchain expert to your team, the technology on which the development of bitcoin is based, but also of many other technological tools. This is how it appears on the corporate website of the global e-commerce giant.

The job offer specifies that the position is to “innovate on behalf of clients in payments and financial systems of one of the largest e-commerce companies in the world“Among the tasks associated with this job is responsibility for” the vision and Amazon’s Digital Currency strategy and blockchain as well as its product roadmap “in this area.

It’s not the first time

Although this bet is very far from the acceptance of bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies as a payment method on its global platform, the first step towards this universe has unleashed the euphoria of many. Something to which the British financial daily City AM has contributed, which in its edition this Monday has published that it is would be studying the incorporation of digital currency to their systems, according to internal company sources referred to by the newspaper.

In any case, this is not the first time that Amazon has targeted the blockchain. In 2017, he published a similar job offer for his cloud business area, Amazon Web Services (AWS). Other tech giants like Apple have also incorporated recently to their expert teams in the technology on which bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are based.

Musk winks

In the heat of this movement, in some crosses of the session, bitcoin has been seen trading at $ 39,800 in several of the reference platforms for trading these digital currencies. Levels as high as they were not seen in intraday highs for six weeks.

In this sense, the passage of Amazon occurs very shortly after Elon musk has once again given affection to the queen cryptocurrency. In this sense, after having reversed the acceptance of the bitcoin as a payment currency for Tesla cars and other products of the automobile brand, the businessman has shown himself willing to take up the initiative once standards are set to certify the origin of the energy with which his transactions are certified.

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