Bison Dele He died under strange circumstances in the Pacific in 2002. But before telling the end of his story, one must remember his basketball past. Chosen in the 10th position in the 1991 draft, he played for the Denver Nuggets and Los Angeles Clippers before running out of a team in the 1996/97 season. He wanted more pasta than was offered, and he ended up playing the most important games of his life.

He signed at the end of the season for the Chicaco Bulls of Michael Jordan and it ended up being very important in achieving the title. His offensive quality made him enjoy many minutes during that season’s playoffs and he scored more than 10 points in two Finals duels against Utah Jazz. After that, he played two years with the Detroit Pistons and ended his career at age 30, for no apparent reason, at the peak of his career. He had 5 years left on his contract and more than 36 million euros receivable, but he decided to give up everything and retire.

Nothing more was heard of him until his disappearance in the Pacific in June 2002. And this is when the surreal begins. Bison Dele reportedly set out to sail the Pacific with his girlfriend, brother and the captain of his ship (called ‘Hakuna Matata). Two weeks after his departure, on June 20, 2002, his brother was returning to the United States from Tahiti with the ship alone.

Three months later, on September 5, with the Coast Guard already searching for the boat, the police debuted his brother Miles Dabord for trying to buy gold coins in exchange for $ 150,000 by posing as Bison Dele. He was asked about his whereabouts, but he claimed that he had seen his brother, his girlfriend and the ship’s captain safe and sound, and, incredibly, they let him go.

The FBI began looking for them a few days later when they verified Dele’s disappearance, but his brother had already left for Mexico.

The story does not end here. Miles Dabord was admitted very seriously in a Tijuana hospital and the FBI came to speak to him, but died the following day. After talking to his girlfriend, she told them what had allegedly happened in the ‘Hakuna Matata’: Bison Dele and his brother would have started fighting and, inadvertently, Dele would have gopleado his girlfriend and she would have died by accident. After that, the ship’s captain said he was going to report what had happened and the former Bulls would have hit him with a monkey wrench to kill him. Then Dabord would have shot him out of fear of his brother.

The FBI, logically, did not believe this version, and made its theory public: Dabord shot his brother, his girlfriend and the captain to death to impersonate the former player and keep his money.

The truth, unfortunately, we will never know. We also will never know why ESPN did not decide to include this player in The Last Dance. It had everything to appear: tremendous personal history and sports influence in a ring.