Any biker has ever dreamed of an amphibious motorcycle. Biski is one of the most versatile and practical we’ve seen. You won’t even have to brake to get into the river, or a swamp.

Motorcycles are more versatile vehicles than cars. And although they can circulate on almost all types of terrain, sometimes we miss being able to go from the road to the water without stepping on the brake. That is exactly what it offers Biski, an amphibious motorcycle to circulate both on the road and on the water.

Biski is one of many amphibious vehicles manufactured by Gibbs, a New Zealand company specializing in high-speed amphibious vehicles (HSA). All the cars, motorcycles and quads that Gibbs manufactures navigate at a minimum of 50 km / h in the water, while maintaining conventional speeds according to their class on the road.

The Biski amphibious bike It is the smallest model they manufacture. A one-person vehicle capable of driving on dry land or on water, with the same versatility. You can see it in this video:

The most spectacular thing about Biski is the naturalness with which he operates in both media, and how it changes from one to another in just 5 seconds, at the push of a button. In the case of going from the road to the water, it is not even necessary to stop.

As we see in the video, when the rear wheel enters the water it rises upwards, exposing the propeller that allows it to move across the liquid surface.

Biski reaches 129 km / h on the road, and 60 km / h in the water. It is not an electric amphibious motorcycle: the 2-cylinder, 55-horsepower engine runs on fuel. And all in a compact size of 2.3 meters long and less than a meter wide.

Although its success has been covered by the shadow of the Toyota C-HR, the new Prius incorporates the latest Toyota technology on board. In this test of our Motor Zone of we thoroughly analyze everything that this car offers from a technological point of view.

It is true that it is not the most maneuverable means of transport in the world, neither on the road nor in the water. But it perfectly meets its amphibious vehicle status without sacrificing too much. And it is handled with ease in both media.

Of course, as you may have imagined, it is not cheap. The Gibbs Biski amphibious bike It has a price of about 32,000 euros.