BioNTech works on a vaccine formula that can be transported at room temperature

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. – German biotech company BioNTech is working on a formulation for its vaccine that would allow it to be shipped at room temperature, Chief Executive Uğur Şahin told CNN’s Frederik Pleitgen in an exclusive interview on Wednesday.

“We are working on a formulation that could allow us to ship the vaccine even perhaps at room temperature and this kind of development is happening in parallel,” Sahin said.

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Experts expressed concern that the vaccine BioNTech is working on with US pharmaceutical giant Pfizer would be difficult to distribute because it must be stored at about minus 75 degrees Celsius, which is about 50 degrees cooler than any vaccine currently used in the United States.

State doctors’ offices, pharmacies, and labs don’t have freezers that get that cold, but Sahin now says it’s a temporary problem.

“Since development was so fast, we couldn’t work in better, more stable conditions,” he said. “We believe that in the second half of 2020 we will have reached a formulation comparable to any other type of vaccine.”

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