The German will leave Scuderia Ferrari later this season

Piero thinks it will be difficult to beat the Mercedes, but says they will try

Piero Ferrari, one of the ‘Scuderia’ shareholders and son of the great Enzo Ferrari, is convinced that Formula 1 will return to action in early July in Austria. At that point, he hopes Mattia Binotto knows how to manage the “anomalous” situation of having Sebastian Vettel without a contract by 2021.

It goes without saying that the German four-time champion has not renewed his contract with Ferrari – the substitute will be Carlos Sainz – and, therefore, from 2021 he is free to choose his future. Piero Ferrari believes that it will be an unusual situation, in which Mattia Binotto must demonstrate that he is the boss.

“First of all, I hope that the engines will start again in July, in Austria. It will not be easy to beat Mercedes, but we will never stop trying and our fans know it. I have faith in the choices that have been made. At Leclerc we have a young man who is a symbol of hope and enthusiasm. I am optimistic. ”

“As for Sebastian Vettel, Mattia Binotto must be brave to manage an objectively anomalous situation. I do not know how my father would manage the situation, but he said that the company has more than any employee, also the best of pilots,” said Piero. Ferrari, according to the Italian media Formula Passion.

As for the pilots that Piero remembers most highly, the Italian remembers Gilles Villeneuve and Niki Lauda. Especially the three-time Austrian champion, who came to have his ‘friction’ with Enzo, but highlights the mutual respect that was between them at all times.

“Gilles Villeneuve was a friend and had special abilities, but Niki changed the history of the races. Then, between him and my father everything ended badly, but they had time to meet again. The mutual respect between them was very strong,” Piero Ferrari expressed to conclude.

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