The reduction of the budget ceiling in Formula 1, key

Ferrari does not want to reduce its staff, so look to other categories

The top manager of Ferrari in Formula 1, Mattia Binotto, has confirmed that the ‘Scuderia’ is evaluating the option of carrying out a program on IndyCar, in the world of resistance or even in another category. The goal is not to be forced to fire some of the team’s staff, and not only due to the fact that Ferrari is like a big family, but also to avoid the possible transfer of information to the competition.

Ferrari’s interest in resistance is not new, but following Mario Andretti’s statements – last Sunday he urged Italians to try IndyCar – rumors of a possible incursion into the American competition have also intensified. As for the other categories, Mattia does not specify, but the possibilities are endless – our Raymond Blancafort has already talked about the possibility of seeing a Thoroughbred on the Dakar.

“Ferrari feels a lot of social responsibility towards its employees. We want to be sure that for each of them there will also be room in the future. For this reason, we have begun to evaluate alternative programs and confirm that we are looking at Indycar, which is currently a category very different from ours –F1– but with a regulation change scheduled for 2022. We also look at the world of resistance and other categories. We will try to make the best decision, “said Binotto, in an interview for Sky Italia.

“In recent weeks there have been many conversations about reducing the budget ceiling for Formula 1 teams, and now a conclusion has been reached. The figure of $ 175 million will be reduced to 145. At Ferrari we were organizing according to the budget approved last year, and the additional reduction represents a major challenge that will inevitably lead to the revision of personnel, structure and organization, “he added.

It should be remembered that the IndyCar is a category with a common chassis manufactured by Dallara, although Mario Andretti ‘invited’ Ferrari last week to speak with Roger Penske to find a satisfactory solution for everyone. As for the resistance, now that ACO and IMSA have ‘unified’ regulations with the Hypercars and the LMDh, perhaps it is time for the Italian firm to return to a mythical place like Le Mans with a top-class car.

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