Billie Eilish shares behind the scenes of her new single

Billie Eilish shares behind the scenes of her new single (AFP)

Billie Eilish Shares Behind The Scenes Of Her New Single | .

It is “Therefore I Am” the new single by singer Billie Eilish, since four days ago this new single was released on her official channel. YoutubeHowever, the interpreter of “My Future” surprised her fans again by sharing behind the scenes of her official video.

His new single “Therefore I Am” already has around 31 million views and more than 200 thousand comments on the official channel of Billie Eilish Pirate Baird O’Conell better known as Billie Eilish.

In a short time the career of Billi Eilish began to grow exponentially becoming one of the most awarded and nominated singers and music celebrities at each of the awards shows.

It was through a video that he shared on his official Instagram account where he appears showing some parts of the recordings of his song.

During the video, she was extremely funny and entertaining in each of the stations and departments she arrived at, she was inside a shopping center, with practically no one around it was for her alone.

Although we have constantly seen Billie eilish With a rather serious face, she herself commented in an interview that she did not like to smile so much, although in the video she appears quite smiling.

Therefore I Am“It is already on all digital platforms, as is customary whenever the singer releases a new single, it immediately becomes a trend on social networks, especially on Twitter.

Wasn’t this discreet everyone’s dream when they were kids? Have the mall to yourself for just one day and run around getting whatever you want. “

Throughout the video we saw her running through the corridors and arriving at some food stalls and taking certain snacks taking advantage of the fact that there was no person, she took a large piece of a pretzel, a donut, soda and French fries, almost at the end of the video the voice of what seems to be a security guard is heard calling his attention, to which he immediately Billi Eilish runs away as fast as possible.

The fact that Billie is stealing food shows that she is a legitimate queen. “

Billie Eilish has become an icon of popular culture, surely in a few years we will continue to listen to her songs and her greatest hits, her popularity is only growing day by day.

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With only 18 years of age, the name of Billi Eilish will be remembered to posterity thanks to the lyrics of her songs, her unique style of dress and her character that despite being quite serious in some interviews she has been seen quite a bit. relaxed, in addition to her enigmatic personality is precisely what has captivated her fans.

The young singer is also known to suffer from Tourette’s syndrome, although this affectation has different variants Billie eilish It seems that it does not suffer, this has led it to become a standard for people who suffer from it.

Although not many details of his personal life are known, the little that he has come to share with his fans is of great importance for them, although his millions of followers tend to want to know every detail of his life, the interpreter of “Bad guy” has opted to keep certain aspects of his life a little tight.

Fortunately, her fans have known how to respect her throughout her career, as a result they continue to adore her for her talent and not for her physique as has happened with many celebrities over the years, and even more recently.

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