Billie Eilish: New Premiere! – Music News

Today we bring you this wonderful premiere that will empower you like nothing ever empowered you before… Are you ready? We present to you the new single from Billie Eilish entitled, “Happier Than Ever” !!

As it turns out, Billie Eilish premiered on July 30 her new single entitled, “Happier than Ever” a song that is going to reach us all.

And think about it, how many times do we let ourselves fall due to situations that break us, and it is valid, it is valid to feel pain but remember something, pain is inevitable but suffering is optional, that is, you may be having a bad time because you were fired from your work, you lost your job, of course it hurts, they broke illusions of growth and so on, but what will you do with that pain? Simply let yourself fall or you are really going to do something to get ahead, use that courage and that pain to undertake and show yourself that you can with anything.

Another situation, your boyfriend left you for another, (it almost does not happen, right), it happens all the time, what will you do? Eternally blame you for the decision you made? Or really get up, and say I’m worth a lot, and I don’t deserve mediocre loves or loves that love you one day and not the next, I don’t deserve to be with someone who doesn’t care if we talk or not in a whole day! Seriously value yourself! And that’s right when you start to be happier than ever, just as the title of the Billie Eilish song says, be the happiest and happiest than ever!

Of course Billie Eilish knows what we are talking about, she knows what we feel. The singer achieved in three days more than 10 million views in her official video clip of her new material !! We love!

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