Billie Eilish explained why she wore a wig before having blonde hair

Billie eilish

Photo: Amy Sussman / Getty Images

Fans of Billie eilish they were surprised with the change of look of the singer. A few days ago, the 19-year-old artist showed her more than 80.6 million Instagram followers that she removed the iconic green at the roots with the black tips to turn to a luminous blonde. Now, she revealed why in the last few weeks she decided to wear a wig.

Eilish opened up to netizens asking her questions about her life through her Instagram stories, and her new look undoubtedly generated a great impact. “Is it true that you wore a wig at the Grammys?“Asked one person, according to BuzzFeed.

Without turning the matter around, the artist replied: “Yes”, And accompanied the publication with an image of her and a mannequin with a wig on.

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On March 14 of last, the young woman attended the Grammy Awards gala with a wig that had her characteristic green and black tone, because her new look was still in the works. She herself uploaded a video on TikTok in which she purposely adjusted her wig before attending the event.

At the request of the public, Billie also posted her last photo with her classic green and black hair.

Finally, his followers wanted to know why he “hid” his hair during these last weeks. “Because it took me six weeks to do it [el color rubio]”. In turn, he published a photo of the process, in which it is seen that up to half of the hair has a light color, while the ends are brown. “Round 1,” he wrote.