Billie Eilish a la Marilyn Monroe at the Met Gala 2021

Billie Eilish a la Marilyn Monroe at the Met Gala 2021. The 19-year-old singer opted for an old Hollywood look with this Oscar de La Renta dress and she looked gorgeous.

According to Vanity Fair, the young singer moved away from her singular effortless style, to opt for the classic sensuality of old Hollywood.

billie met gala 2021billie met gala 2021

“Plunging into flowing tulle and nude gauze, with a tight corset with a neckline that leaves her shoulders exposed and a skirt with almost five meters of train, she has shown her most sensual and traditionally feminine profile with a dress signed by Oscar de the rent.”

Billie was made up with black eyes, burgundy lipstick and cheeks with a soft blush. Her accessories were Cartier, the girl wore 25 rings, they say “the most jewelry a celeb has ever worn on a red carpet.”

“I always wanted to do this, but I was feeling very scared. I was not comfortable in my own skin. I am happy that I finally did. I think it was about time, “Eilish explained to the singer Keke Palmer, co-host of the gala in the live coverage of Vogue.” I think my self-confidence has improved a lot over the last few years. “

Ok, very good, when I saw this photo of Billie Eilish in Just Jared …


Everyone, Beautiful Billie Eilish! Classic! – Me…

billie doggo fbillie doggo f

Awwwwww … CUTE !!! The only important thing in that photo. LOL! So, Billie Eilish a la Marilyn Monroe at the 2021 Met Gala.

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