Bill Gates warned that a third dose of the Covid-19 vaccine would be necessary

The billionaire businessman Bill gates, who has been predicting everything that will happen with the pandemic of coronavirus, this time he warned that a third dose of the vaccine against the Covid-19 due to the emergence of different mutations that could affect the efficacy of existing and applied antidotes so far.

During an interview with the CBS Evening News network, the Windows co-founder said: “It’s a third dose of the vaccine may be needed against the coronavirus to prevent serious cases of new variants of the disease. The discussion now is whether we just need to get very high coverage of the current vaccine, or do we need a third dose that is the same, or do we need a modified vaccine”.



In that sense, he pointed out that the five companies that already have vaccines in U.S« They are considering making this modification and adding it » with the possibility that people who have already received both doses, apply a third.

“I think we probably have an adjusted vaccine only to make absolutely sure that, when these variants arrive in the United States, they do not escape protection, « Gates said.

The sayings of the Windows co-founder are given after the appearance of different strains of coronavirus in different parts of the world, as happened with theSouth African mutation, which can reduce the neutralizing antibodies generated by the Pfizer and BioNTech vaccine by two-thirds.