Bill Gates predicts what work will be like when normalcy arrives

Since the pandemic began, drug companies are racing around the clock to find a vaccine to end the health crisis. The first to do so was Pfizer, which announced a 90% effective remedy, while last Monday it did Modern, which increased that value to 94.5%.

If its validity is confirmed, the world will start to experience a certain normality again, although probably not across the board. Bill gates, co-founder of Microsoft, predicted what the world of work will be like after the pandemic.

“My prediction is that more than 50% of business trips and more than 30% of days in the office will disappear “said the tycoon in a organized conference by The New York Times.

Complicated to justify

For Gates, the key will be that justifying a business trip will be more complicated hereinafter. One of the main reasons is due to the effectiveness and viability shown by teleworking, although he acknowledged that there will be more willing companies to bet on this modality than others.

“We’ll keep going to the office somehow, we will continue making some business trips, but drastically less “, he stressed. It is estimated that this type of displacement before the coronavirus represented half of the revenue of US airlines.

Using the mask

About the use of the mask, recognized his surprise at the great controversy that has generated: “I wouldn’t have thought wearing a mask would become so controversial.”