Bill Gates confesses that he did not expect so many conspiracy theories against him

The global Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic brought with it a ton of conspiracy theory starring Bill Gates, and this is what he feels.

During this global pandemic of the Coronavirus Covid-19, like it or not, Bill gates it has become a must for everyone. Basically because he was the guy who predicted all this would happen.

Since then, the co-founder of Microsoft has dedicated himself to contributing everything he can to research and development of vaccines.

But that has not prevented him from being the protagonist who multiple conspiracy theories where he is painted as a Machiavellian genius about to complete his world plan of mind control.

Although in all this time we had not wondered how the boy felt about this whole thing. Well, now he has made it public.

Bill Gates speaks

During his lecture at the STAT Summit, the philanthropist finally ended up addressing the issue of all those conspiracy theories surrounding him. And, broadly speaking, he was totally taken aback by the phenomenon:

The idea of ​​these conspiracies – What is the purpose of the vaccine? Is it a microchip, does it seek population control? – all that wave of theory was so unexpected that I don’t think Tony (Fauci) or I have good advice to give each other.

Nothing other than, « hey, stay on the path of giving fact-based messages. »

Dr. Anthony Fauci is the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. During this pandemic, it became one of the obligatory references during the pandemic inside and outside the United States.

But such a situation has also made him the subject of the same conspiracy theories as Bill Gates.

Where he is repeatedly pointed out as an alleged henchman of that master plan of global control.

In the end, Gates’ strategy is based on answering each accusation with scientific facts. And it sounds like the most sensible thing to do.