Bill Gates compares anti-masks to nudists

Many people in the United States, the country with the most deaths from coronavirus in the world, are still reluctant to wear masks. Bill Gates spoke on the subject.

The United States is the country with the highest number of deaths from the coronavirus in the entire planet: 246 thousand people. However, despite the fact that various medical bodies recommend the use of masks as a form of prevention, many people are reluctant to use them. Bill Gates charged at them.

The billionaire and philanthropist compared anti-masks to nudists, in a fun intervention in a podcast he has with actress and comedian Rashida Jones.

« The idea of ​​someone being reluctant to wear a mask is a very strange thing to me, » Gates said. « What are these, as nudists? » He joked.

“We ask you to wear pants. No American says, or very few, that that (asking to wear pants) is a terrible thing ”.

The resistance against masks had in Trump its great champion

Donald Trump, president of the United States, resisted wearing masks for much of the pandemic. He even mocked his rival as a presidential candidate and winner of the elections, Joe Biden, for using them.

Trump was infected with coronavirus, but he got over it in a relatively short time. After wearing masks in a few later events, she then stopped doing it again.

Several of his supporters see the use of masks as a form of « oppression. »

Gates continues: “If you want to return to normal life at any time, wear a mask. If you don’t use it, stay home. « 

Bill Gates and the advantage of wearing masks

Initially, experts considered the coronavirus to be similar to the common cold or flu. But as the months passed and the increase in deaths, they discovered the seriousness of the disease.

« These incredible viral loads that you see with the coronavirus do not occur with most other respiratory viruses, » Gates said.

« It is overwhelmingly clear that the advantage of wearing masks is gigantic, » stressed the billionaire.

Conspiracy theorists see Gates as someone who seeks to dominate the world through vaccines. They have even organized marches against him.