Bill Gates, 6 changes that the world will have after the Covid

Bill Gates, founder and president of Microsoft, one of the first to worry about the repercussions that the pandemic could have on the world and in affected countries, released through his podcast “How will the world look after COVID-19 ? ”, The consequences that the disease will have on the economy, people and companies.

The also co-president of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation spoke about the disease long before it became a global problem that would affect people’s lives in several aspects, mainly economic.

Bill Gates, founder and president of Microsoft. Photo: Reforma

For this reason, the founder of Microsoft, announced the 6 changes that he considers to be in the future as a result of the pandemic.

1. The way of doing business

The pandemic resulted in the way of doing business remotely, using tools such as Zoom, among others, to become easier. For Bill Gates this will continue since even returning to normality, people will evaluate how necessary it is to go to a certain place, or if it can be done at a distance.

2. Best softwares

« The software was a bit clunky when all this started, but now people are using it so much that they will be surprised how quickly we will innovate with the software, » said Bill Gates on his podcast.

In this way, it considers that the tools that currently exist will have improvements so that people can improve virtual encounters.

3. Urban reorganization

As currently people changed their mobility because they no longer have to go to work, but instead do it from home, now they will move away to less populated cities, which will result in them stopping paying high rents, among other things.

« In cities like Seattle and San Francisco, even a well-paid person is spending an incredible amount of money on their rent, » he said.

4. Less social contact

On the social contact that people have, Bill Gates considers that it is possible that it diminishes, especially that related to work. « The desire for more social contact in your community or with your friends in the evening could increase. »

« If we’re doing a lot of remote work, then our urge to socialize, our energy to socialize after we stop working, will be a little bit higher. It could shift the balance a bit there, » he said.

5. Normality is far away

The founder of Microsoft believes that even if the covid vaccine is ready in a few months, people will not be able to return to their lives as they were before the pandemic since the fear of being infected will always be latent as they are not fully protected.

“There is a phase where we are going to have very low numbers in the United States, but it will continue to be in other parts of the world, so it could resurface. I think a lot of people will remain quite conservative in their behavior, especially if they associate with older people whose risk of getting seriously ill is quite high, « he said.

6. A better prepared world

The businessman believes that after the current pandemic, the world will be more prepared to face another, although not as serious as that of the covid.

« The main reason it will have a less destructive impact is that we will already have practice, » he said.

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