Bilbao: a young woman hospitalized after the serious riots | Athletic

The Bilbao Municipal Police has requested citizen collaboration to identify the perpetrators of the “acts of vandalism” that have taken place in the capital of Biscay prior to the Cup final between Athletic and Real society.

Through social networks, the Local Police has asked people to have videos, photos or information of the incidents that they contact, by private message, on Twitter and Facebook.

The altercations They started after thousands of Athletic fans gathered in the street Licenciado Poza early in the afternoon Without respecting the preventive security measures established due to the pandemic, hours before the start of the Cup final that will be played by Athletic Bilbao and Real Sociedad in Seville.

Several people who were in the place have crossed containers, setting fire to some of them, which has forced the fire brigade to intervene. In addition, they have thrown objects against the Ertzaintza. A girl has been transferred to the Basurto Hospital after being hit by a bottle.

Urkullu regrets what happened

The Lehendakari, Iñigo Urkullu, has censored the “signs of incivility, lack of solidarity, irresponsibility” that have been seen by fans prior to the Cup final, before which he has assured that he does not “get the words out” either as a fan or as a citizen. “Whatever the outcome of the football game, there is a lot to think about,” he warns.

Through their social networks, the Basque president lamented the “denigrating behavior” that has been seen before the Cup Final that will be played this Saturday by Athletic and Real “by sectors of young people mostly” in the streets of Bilbao and San Sebastián.

Urkullu remembers “The suffering suffered by humanity, also by Basque society, in all senses because of the pandemic”. “Neither as a sports fan, nor as a Basque citizen, words come to me in the face of the signs of incivility, lack of solidarity, irresponsibility that we have already come and are attending,” he says.

It’s time to reflect

As he explains, the image seen by “the lack of honest feeling with the lyrics of the Athletic Club and Real Sociedad hymns on the part of all the people who, attacking public health and against whom, like the Ertzaintza , it only intends to maintain an order in the fulfillment of the measures for the common benefit, they despise the greatness’ that they should exhibit as a characteristic. For this reason, he considers that, whatever the outcome of the football match – in which he wants the best to win -, “There is much to reflect on”.