At first it was thought that he was under the influence of some substance, but she did not present evidence that he had taken alcohol or something similar

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Spain.- The video in which a woman that his car had collided, causing various damages, but to everyone’s surprise, he left it in bikini and started dancing to try to run away from the policeman.

The events occurred in Huelva, Spain, where there are some beaches that have already begun to reactivate after several months of confinement due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

According to local media information, the young woman woman He was driving his car at speed, so he lost control of it, causing it to hit a sidewalk and a traffic light.

The car was totally damaged from the front, so it could not go any further; however, what caused the most amazement and impact was the attitude of the womanBecause when he got out of the vehicle unit, people observed that he was in bikini.

However, the situation did not end at that point, but the woman started dancing in front of everyone, intending to try to escape the policeman, which was already prepared to stop her.

Before the facts, several witnesses gathered who began to record the entire situation; after a few seconds a policeman He approached to stop her, but she resisted getting on the patrol.

At first it was thought that the woman He was under the influence of an alcoholic substance or a drug, but after the tests it was announced that he had tested negative, so it was more surprising.

The woman fell to the ground after a fight he had with the agents of the Policeman Lepe’s place, until they managed to arrest her. But witnesses criticized the way the policemen acted.

Finally, the video was broadcast on social networks, since it has now gone around the world.