In an ideal world, Wimbledon it would be nearing its end right now. An ending where we usually see the best and best tennis players in the world, but that sometimes sees how great surprises sneak into the last stages of the tournament. This year, due to the pandemic of COVID-19, there is no action on the tracks of the All England Tennis Club, but as we did with the men’s tournament, it is time to review the ten biggest surprises from the London Major, this time, of course, in the female box.

10 – The champion at Roland Garros, defeated: Justine Henin He faced the 2005 Wimbledon with a great desire to demonstrate. She was in one of her best years of her sports career; in fact, she came to London as the new champion of Roland Garros. However, everything collapsed in the blink of an eye, in a snap.

The Belgian could not pass the first round against Elena Daniilidou, who, although he had already been top-20 and won several WTA titles, was ranked # 76 in the world in that place and would end that season without any title. She was not a completely unknown tennis player, but nobody expected that the tennis player who had 24 consecutive victories would fall … in the first round. In fact, with that 7-6, 2-6 and 7-5, Justine Henin became the first Roland Garros champion which fell in the first round of Wimbledon weeks later. Not bad.

9 – 1977, a surprising finale: For 43 years, Britain has not seen one of its tennis players victorious. The last one was Virginia Wade, a pioneer of tennis in the United Kingdom who, at age 31, finally became a prophet in her land. Despite arriving as number 3 in the world, in front of her she had a titanic task: she measured Chris Evert. Yes, the same Evert who came to Wimbledon having lost a single (!) Game in the whole year, who had already accumulated six Grand Slams and who had destroyed Billie Jean King (6-1, 6-2) in the previous round.

Wade’s 6-2, 4-6 and 6-1 was a real shock for everyone, celebrating at Wimbledon in a festive atmosphere. It was the centenary of the tournament and Queen Elizabeth’s celebrations, set in the Silver Jubilee (the 25th anniversary of her ascension to the throne) demanded a British final. They almost had it: on the other side, Sue Barker, champion in 76 of Roland Garros, measured the Dutch Betty stove, 32 years old. Everyone gave it in the final … but Stove also made the bench jump. One of the newspapers summarized that day as follows: “The chances of Miss Wade and Miss Stove, 32, reaching the final must have been 1,000 to 1“If only the bets had existed …

8 – The moment of Michelle Larcher de Brito: This Portuguese tennis player had made a certain impression in her time as a junior. Not only for her tennis, but also … but for her exaggerated screams on the court, which had caused her to have more than one encounter with a player. In 2013, however, de Brito had fallen out of the top-100 and he had only had two wins in the entire year. Nothing indicated that this second-round match was more than just another routine victory for Maria Sharapova.

Masha, in fact, was going through a good time in 2013. Only Serena Williams took her away from the big tournaments, having reached five finals, but that day, in the Russian’s words, “it wasn’t there.” Shoulder discomfort also prevented her from showing her best level, but a loss in straight sets (6-3, 6-4) was simply unthinkable a few hours before that duel.

7 – Marion Bartoli and the great moment of her career: 47 times. 47 Grand Slam appearances accumulated Marion Bartoli before reaching Wimbledon 2013. He had already reached a Wimbledon final in 2007, but the long-awaited Major seemed to escape. At that time, after all, the Frenchwoman was far from her best form: she had not reached any semifinal in 2013. She had always been, of course, a different tennis player, both on and off the court, and her coronation it was not going to be so different.

Bartoli sealed the final with an ace, when at that time he was leading the global computation of double fouls of the WTA. A paradox of life, an irony that led her to beat Sabine Lisicki in the Cathedral (6-1, 6-4 in the final) after having a painting that also helped her in some way (her worst rival had been Sloane Stephens , number 17 in the world). Nothing, however, can take away the feeling of having the Wimbledon trophy in your hands. Such was the emotion and relief that only a few months later, in August, the French announced his withdrawal.

6 – ‘Boom Boom Lisicki’: Bartoli’s title ended up making all the headlines starting on Sunday, but before, the great story of that Wimbledon 2013 had been written by a young German woman who dropped bombs everywhere. Some called it ‘Boom Boom’, and its tennis appearance was brilliant, as were its services and its rights in the middle of the court.

Sabine Lisicki He left Serena Williams, Sam Stosur or Agnieszka Radwanska on the way to reach his first and only Grand Slam final. There she could not give her best, paralyzed with nerves at the occasion, but her phenomenal career in the Cathedral cannot be stained for a single day. She never reached the quarterfinals in any other major tournament, but that final at Wimbledon will always be in her memory.

5 – Oh La La Genie: It is incredible to say it after the enormous success of Bianca Andreescu, but Eugenie Bouchard She is the first Canadian tennis player in history to reach a Grand Slam final. It is a fact that can amaze many, but back in 2014, the fans were divided: some already called Genie the next Kournikova, and others blindly relied on Bouchard’s agility of legs and ability to change directions.

What happened after his career is well known to all, but his letter of introduction at the Cathedral was anything but less glamorous. Petkovic, Cornet, Kerber and Halep all fell into the hands of an unstoppable Genie, who was slowed by Petra Kvitova in a somewhat anticlimactic final. Of course, it was only Bouchard’s sixth appearance in a Grand Slam. At his 20 years and after such a large result, seemed to have the world at his feet. Who knows what the future holds for him.

4 – Zina Garrison’s feat: We recently told Puntodebreak the story of Zina garrison

Zina Garrison, the Wimbledon finalist without contracts with any brand

06/29/2020 09:06

The former world number four signed with her first clothing brand the night before her finale at Wimbledon 1990. “For five years I had no contract.”

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, one of the pioneers of black tennis before the arrival of the Williams sisters. What Zina did in 1990 is one of the biggest surprises in tennis history, I dare say. She was already a highly respected player on the circuit, despite the sponsors saying otherwise, and her name was always among the top seed of a Grand Slam.

However, in the era where it seemed that Monica Seles and Steffi Graf They would destroy everything for the next decade, Garrison can boast of being the only tennis player to defeat both consecutively. In quarters she ended the unlikely streak of. 32 consecutive victories of the recent champion of Roland Garros (Seles), while in the semifinals there would be another treat leaving Graf in the gutter and scheduling a dream final against Martina Navratilova. Zina was unable to lift the trophy, but she will never forget that 1990 Wimbledon.

3 – Maria Sharapova reaches glory: “The most impressive surprise in the memory of the All England Club”. This is how he defined the Washington Post the coronation of Maria Sharapova, a slim young Russian woman of 17 years, back in 2004. That day, Masha became the third youngest tennis player to win the title at Wimbledon, the second during the Modern Era, only behind Martina Hingis.

He did it by completely disrupting Serena Williams in a totally uneven final, causing experts to wonder if the Russian was here to stay and disturb the undisputed dominance of the American under the London rug. Eventually, Williams ended up dominating her rival widely, but the shock of that Saturday. still rumbles on the central court. It was Masha’s gateway to the top-10 and the beginning of a media exhibition that a tennis player had rarely been subjected to.

2 – Steffi’s fall: If Henin became the first Roland Garros defending champion in 2005 to lose the first exchange at Wimbledon, Steffi Graf she was the first tennis player to defend the Wimbledon throne … and it fell in the first round doing it. It also came in the least expected way possible, in a rough duel for the German, in which Lori McNeil, one of those “stone pavers” on the circuit, dismantled his tennis by constantly going up to the net and making use of his cut.

To put that victory in 1994 (7-5, 7-6) into perspective, suffice it to say that Graf had 21 wins in a row at Wimbledon, having won the title in four of the last five editions, while McNeil had been away from his best historical ranking (# 9 in the world) for several years. Lori would reach the semifinals of that edition, falling to Conchita Martínez and matching her best record in a Grand Slam, the semifinals at the Us Open in 1987. Your executioner that day? Steffi Graf.

1 – The most incredible Wimbledon in history: Lindsay Davenport was the 1999 Wimbledon champion, defeating Steffi Graf in the final. They were the third and second seeded, respectively. So far so good, right? Where are the surprises?

Surprises came earlier. Specifically in the first round. For many, what happened on the first day of competition was the biggest surprise in Wimbledon history. On the one hand, Jelena Dokic, a promising Australian junior ranked # 129 in the world. For another, Martina Hingis, the great sensation of women’s tennis, champion of several Grand Slam, number one in the world and recent finalist of Roland Garros.

What happened next will surprise you: Dokic was late 54 minutes in defeating Hingis. 6-2, 6-0. Yes, as you hear it. The defeat in the final of Roland Garros and this hitherto still inexplicable to this day made such a dent in Switzerland that never more conquered a Major again. Dokic reached the quarterfinals after that. There he lost to Alexandra Stevenson. How? Who is she? An American tennis player who, coming from the previous phase, stood in the semifinals of Wimbledon … and never passed the second round in a Grand Slam again. Many remember her, in fact, for discovering during that tournament that she was the daughter of Julius Erving, “Dr J”, the famous basketball player who had had her during an affair with a journalist.

But it is that, also, on the other side of the painting, a Croatian named Mirjana Lucic he sneaked into the semifinals at the age of 17 after defeating Monica Seles in the quarters. Lucic had become the tennis player with the lowest ranking in Wimbledon history of reaching the semifinals. In the semis, she forced Graf into the third set, but was unable to complete a new slam. As you hear it: three great surprises at the hands of three teenagers in the temple of tennis. There will never be an edition like 1999.

And which one do you prefer?