Usually, the great players trivialize the importance of being in the ATP world number 1. As if the ambition to be is incompatible with the objective of winning important titles and loses weight in its priorities as the years go by, there are many statements by the Big3 In this sense, but they all introduce a nuance when the end of the season approaches. It is there where the relative importance of being at the top of the world ranking acquires a higher status and even discreet men and focused on the great titles, such as Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak DjokovicThey look with more appetite at the possibility of closing the year in that position.

Reviewing the statistical data referring to the permanence in number 1, as a result of the debate on whether Novak Djokovic he should have added weeks in this position during the coronavirus break and seeing how the race is for being the one that accumulates the most at the top of the list, a data was found that could have surprised many. And is that the greatness of Big3 it is such that the point has been reached that finding a statistic where there is someone with a better record than all of them is a complete finding. It is what anyone who consults will find which tennis player from the Open Era has finished more seasons as number 1 of the ATP world, since in the first position are neither the Swiss, nor the Spanish, nor the Serbian.

It is nothing more and nothing less, Pete Sampras (6 years) who heads this classification, whose relevance and merit are enormous. And it is that the effort required to complete a year as the best player on the planet is more than remarkable and requires absolute regularity. Pete’s fierce competition with Andre Agassi He did not move to this area, where the irregularity of the Las Vegas prevented him from finishing more than a year at the top of the ranking. Jim Courier and Boris Becker, others of his great opponents, only managed to snatch a year from the top, by the American, while Carlos Moy√† and Yevgeny Kafelnikov they tasted the honey of number 1 but could not finish a season in that position.

The most incredible thing of all is that the six seasons culminated at the top by Sampras, occurred consecutively, between the 1993 and 1998. An irrefutable proof of its greatness that some will blame for the lack of more consistent rivals, as opposed to the fierce competition that the Big3 has maintained for decades. There is no doubt that if any of the Federer, Nadal or Djokovic could have developed their career without the ballast or motivation, depending on how you look at it, of the others, perhaps they would have established an empire already incomparable with any other. For the moment, Roger, Rafa and Novak have accumulated five years finishing as number 1, like Jimmy Connors. This serves to present yet another challenge for all of them on the road to becoming the best in history. Who will end 2020 as world number 1 and take advantage over the others, matching Pete Sampras?