As we have known for a few weeks, The Undertaker announced his retirement from the quadrilaterals in his documentary The Last Ride. He added that if Vince McMahon ever needed his help, he would be delighted to return to the ring, but what he wants is to be calmer due to his advanced age. That is why several Superstars and legends gave their opinion on the matter, showing great respect for what was the figure of the “dead man” in pro wrestling.

One of them is Big show, who shared several years of wardrobe in WWE. They even went so far as to fight at Wrestlemania, being Big Show one of the 25 defeated in the great streak that The Undertaker achieved at Wrestlemania. Big Show told how he had to fight to get the respect of The Undertaker.

The Undertaker helped several superstars to reach the top

¨The Dead Man¨ was not only a legend for wrestling fans, but he was like a father to the superstars who managed to live with him during his career. This is what Big Show explains in an interview for TalkSport. The Undertaker for him was like a “learning tree” where he liked to get underneath. He had to work hard to get the respect of The Undertaker, since at that time it was very difficult. Many superstars were confirming themselves and I had to give more than I could to get it.

For Big Show, The Undertaker was instrumental in his wrestling career and also in his mentoring role for young WWE talents. Many learnings that he acquired from the ¨phenomenon¨, He also tries to teach them to others since they were very important to him. during the first years of his career.

It is impossible not to respect a man who did not give everything for so many years in wrestling. Even in the last few years where I encountered physical difficulties, The Undertaker did not give up what his life was, WWE. That is why he and Vince McMahon struck up a very strong friendship.

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