If you thought that your adventure in Minecraft Dungeons had come to an end, you were wrong. Luckily for you and everyone who already enjoys this curious twist on the acclaimed Minecraft, there are many more news on the way and many coincide on one date, next September 8.

First of all we have the announcement of new content thanks to Creeping Winter, a future DLC that will bring winter winds to the game that threaten to consume everything they touch. The only chance to face this frost is in the hands of a hero who must venture to accept new missions and face new enemies. Also, since being a Good Samaritan always rewards, you will find new weapons, armor and artifacts that will help you on your way.

Continuing with the news we have a free update. This will come next September 8th and will include new features such as: new merchants and daily tests. Save trapped merchants and they might show their appreciation by moving into your camp (they can even level up and have extra inventory).

The blacksmith will upgrade your items, while the « Gift wrap » will allow you to exchange them with other players in multiplayer mode. Daily tests will bring you fun and challenge you every day. They also suppose interesting changes to game mechanics, so you should be aware of the unexpected, but fun.

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The third and last announcement can also be enjoyed from the next September 8th, and closes this news with a flourish. It’s about the arrival of Minecraft Dungeons to the physical format. Now you can show off the game on your shelf! This new edition will receive the name of « Hero Edition » and will include the « Jungle Awakens » and « Creeping Winter » DLC, as well as the base game and unique cosmetic items.

As I have already mentioned, the premiere will occur on September 8th, but if you are a resident of Japan you will have to wait a little longer (a month). This is due to some delays in the production chain of copies destined for this region.

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