‘Hey now’ is a colloquial phrase used loosely to imply questioning or contradicting something said by someone; it’s like wanting to say: ‘what about this?’ ‘Oh my God!’ ‘Are you relaxing?’ among others, depending on the context. It is an expression widely used in youth and children’s sports slang as a quick and short code, but not a reason for a fight between them.

The expression itself is funny and comical, but this time the ‘hey now’ is more to express another truth.

Many of our little guys are facing a tough and tenacious reality because they are being discharged or ‘released’ by Major League Baseball teams. Many between the ages of 19-24 are losing a livelihood for themselves and their families in the process. Many are seeing their hope diminished and their wings clipped, but … HEY NOW, this reality does not have to determine your truth.

Many are feeling uncertainty, they do not know where to turn or how to react, they did not count on seeing their dream truncated because baseball was their only way out, but …. HEY NOW, you don’t have to despair.

Many who for years have been preparing with the mind of being a star, making his debut in the big top and being the spearhead of their family find themselves without place or place, but …. HEY NOW, there are other alternatives.

Certainly baseball offers a path to improvement, but it is not the only way … HEY NOW, young man and meditate, there are many years ahead of you to discover yourself and get to know that someone you already are; Who God dreamed you were is enough to lift you up and surpass you.

HEAR NOW so you know that even if things have not gone as you expected it does not mean that they will not be better. You do not have to resort to laziness, depression, wrongdoing or remain in frustration. Many who in the eyes of thousands supposedly ‘made it’ and rose to stardom are more unhappy than most who fell by the wayside. Well, it is not the profession that gives satisfaction, but connecting with the purpose of God.

HEAR NOW young man “Above all things take care of your heart, because it determines the direction of your life.” Proverbs 4:23. God is still good even if things have not turned out the way you would have liked.