“Big Hero 6” could make their live-action debut in the MCU

Big Hero 6 could appear in the UCM | Disney / Marvel Studios

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is always expanding and each new phase of the draft candle introduction of new characters, now according to a new report, another set of characters could be making their way to the MCU.

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A jump from animation to live action could be in the process, since according to the report of The DisInsider, the characters of « Big Hero 6 » are directed to the MCU.

The report was very light on details and stated that if you weren’t sure specifically which characters, Baymax and Hiro were noted to be likely. It was also noted that it was not known whether the actors who voiced the characters would bring them to live-action.

As for where they could appear, « Secret Invasion », the next « Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness », or even a project of « Agents of Atlas », although nothing has been confirmed.

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It is not clear how Big hero 6 have had notable interactions with other characters from Marvel, even when Spider-man asked for the team’s help to defeat the Doctor Octopus in 2012 « Ends from Earth » in « The Amazing Spider-Man. »