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The three reasons why we see Máxima so favored with her latest look

If there is a royal chameleon when it comes to dressing, that is, without a doubt, Maxima from Holland. The queen of the Netherlands has been showing for years that she loves to play with fashion and join the trends of the moment, always adapting them to her original and colorful style. In addition, she is one of the ‘queens’ of recycling, that is, she repeats clothes continuously and combines them in a very different way to achieve new looks even with very marked garments, such as the checkered coat that she wore just a few hours ago to attend an official act in Delfshaven (Rotterdam), which we had already seen, although in a very different way. VIEW GALLERY A very original design Yesterday afternoon, Máxima went to a school that is investigating the possibility of using rapid tests for the detection of Covid-19 in students to prevent contagion. For this appointment, she chose a warm outfit, and despite the fact that spring started a few weeks ago, it is still quite cold in Holland. For this reason, he wanted to recover the patterned coat that we saw him last November, although in an opposite way. It is a garment with a classic cut that combines checks in mustard and navy blue tones belonging to Natan, one of its leading brands. – Máxima surrenders to the wildest trend of the ‘royals’ SEE GALLERY The power of monochrome If six months ago she combined this creation with a two-piece mustard, today she radically changes her strategy and chooses to wear it over a set in dark tones of the most flattering thing that totally enhances your silhouette. The first reason why it is so stylizing is because it is a black monochrome set, something that enhances the verticality and makes it appear taller (not in vain, it is one of the favorite tricks of celebrities like Victoria Beckham or Eva Longoria). In addition, this effect is enhanced by choosing palazzo pants, that is, high and flared low rise, which generates a desired ‘endless legs’ effect. – Máxima from Holland recycles the look with which she confused her fans five years ago VIEW GALLERY – The gesture with which Máxima modernizes her look in just five seconds Key details To top it off, opt for a belt in the same color as the sweater -the Which, by the way, has a high neck, another detail that fashion experts love-, which visually refines the body. To top it off, Máxima has put on the formal mask, this time in a black tone, as well as leather gloves and leather ankle boots with a pointed toe.