On her Snapchat account, the beautiful Nabilla confided that she had an argument with her husband Thomas Vergara after his release from the hospital!

A few days ago, Nabilla underwent breast surgery. Indeed, she absolutely had to change her breast prostheses. Some time after this intervention, she had a big argument with Thomas Vergara.

Indeed, Nabilla revealed to his fans that Thomas Vergara had really suffered his night in the hospital. He had to constantly help his darling who did not hesitate to wake up every hour.

Nabilla also revealed that her husband had left the room in the middle of the night. She confided on her Nsaphcat account: “Thomas couldn’t take it anymore. (…) He is super tall and he was just moving the bed“.

She also added: “We got a little confused about that. Because I obviously have a lot of pain. And he the poor did not do it on purpose but each time he did move the bed during the night ”.

Nabilla’s husband spends terrible night in hospital

Nabilla also added: “I was on medication so I was in the dark. And that’s why he left during the night .. ». Thomas then held to rectify the situation.

Milann’s dad said: “I left because his bed was glued to mine. But I I had a mini-bed. And I actually you can’t see it over the phones but I’m super tall. (…) ”.

He also revealed: “There, the problem is that the room was made for two people ok. But I not fit under the bed. And I bothered her more than anything. I even broke a small chest around the bed ”.

For her part, the reality TV candidate concluded: “Well anyway, I went home, I’m so happy, I’m too good here. All the world takes care of me“.

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