Bielsa, on Guardiola: “He is a magical man”


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The Argentine coach of Leeds United, Marcelo bielsa, describes the Spanish coach of Manchester City, Pep Guardiola, as “a magical man”, in a delivery of the ‘Fever Pitch’ space about English football on the live sport streaming platform DAZN.

When referring to Guardiola, Bielsa affirms: “He is a magical man. What he knows how to do I find it enormously difficult to try, and I have already given up. I have a genuine admiration for what he does.” “Interpreting the innovative decisions that he incorporates into a game is already a way of falling in love with football. City is always indecipherable,” he says.

The Argentine also reveals the origin of his nickname El Loco: “When I started working in the minor divisions at Newell’s, Carlos Picerni directed three divisions and I had only one. And my training sessions lasted longer than his three. He said I was crazy. That’s where it was. “

Regarding the highest praise that a coach can receive, the Argentine states: “The highest praise is to bring closer, through a group of players, what football, as a sport, can generate. All sports have a potential for beauty that is very difficult to obtain and it is much more difficult to obtain in a high proportion. “

Bielsa He also reflects on the hardest part of being a coach: “It’s the hardest weight a coach carries. When the game ends and you go home and lost. You have the sadness of many people in your charge.

By last, Bielsa responds to how he is facing the current season with Leeds: “We try to do better and better what we do. I don’t have many other options than to try to ensure that what I understand must be done, is done better and better, because I have no imagination to very different things. ”