Biden will immediately put a stop to the construction of the wall with Mexico

In a statement released by Joe Biden’s transition team, a series of initiatives that he will undertake after assuming office as president of the United States were announced, among which the immediate stop to the construction of the wall with Mexico stands out.

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Washington.- The President of USA, Joe biden, who will take office today in replacement of Donald Trump, will include among his first executive orders the return to the World Health Organization (who) and to Paris Agreement against climate change.

This is reflected in a statement released by the transition team, where it is specified that the new Administration will also suspend the entry veto for residents of certain Muslim countries.

Financial aid to the neediest families; strengthening the fight against the pandemic coronavirus and the economic crisis derived from it, are also on the long list of what will be Biden’s first measures, aimed « not only at reversing the serious damage of the Trump Administration, but also at starting to move the country forward. »

On who, the new President wants to cooperate again with this body, which it considers « essential » to coordinate the international response to the Covid-19, and « make Americans and the world safer. »

Biden will restructure the Government to coordinate a unified national response to the pandemic and sign an executive order creating the position of Response Coordinator to the Covid-19, a senior official who will dispatch directly with the President.

In the field of environmental policy, the new head of the White House will sign today a document for the reincorporation of USA to the Paris Agreement, as well as an executive order aimed at addressing climate change that promotes environmental justice.

Promote equality, racial justice and the defense of minorities, as well as immediately stop the building of the Wall with Mexico they are the targets of other measures that, in the form of executive orders, directives, memoranda or letters, Biden will adopt once he assumes the presidency, in just a few hours.

The note from his transition team says these are initiatives aimed at fulfilling the promises that Biden made to Americans in his election campaign.