Biden warns of the manipulation of fake news in his first speech as president

The world followed Joe Biden’s inauguration live yesterday afternoon as 46 US president. The new president, probably the most powerful on the planet, was sworn in yesterday in Washington with a clear message: “Democracy has won”. He also launched a strong message against fake news.

From the hand of his wife, he appeared nervous and excited outside the Capitol where he was able to listen live to Jennifer López speaking Spanish for justice and democracy in the US. Before, a spectacular Lady Gaga sang the national anthem.

In turn, Kamala Harris has become the first female vice president of the United States.Her inauguration of this powerful woman and with aspirations to be the next president of her country, has generated a wave of sympathy and hope in half the world.

Harris, emerging figure of the Democratic Party, aspired to be a candidate for the Presidency by the Democrats, without success, and with a tough dialectical battle against Biden. Then it did not raise passions in public opinion. Just a few weeks later, the world already has a new idol. So be it and do not disappoint.

His hug with the former first lady Michel ObamaAfter taking possession, it did not go unnoticed yesterday.

The importance of the change of course of the United States made us forget the rudeness of Donald Trump in the inauguration.


In Biden’s first intervention as president, he spoke about unite the country and to move on, leaving aside manipulation through fake news. In his own words, “we must abandon the culture where facts are falsified and manipulated,” he added.

Until 25,000 members of the National Guard, in addition to 2,750 Pentagon personnel, they watched over the security of the event, also marked by restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Democrat, who will present a ten executive orders on the first day of government, experienced an atypical opening day, with no public present on the esplanade in front of the Capitol.

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