Biden warns Johnson not to risk Northern Ireland peace over Brexit

The President of the United States, Joe Bien, together with the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson. (Photo: . / EPA / Hollie Adams)

US President Joe Biden has warned UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson not to let the Brexit trade dispute affect the Northern Ireland peace process, in a meeting that both leaders have held in Cornwall prior to the G-7 summit.

In a joint statement, both leaders have reactivated their commitment to “work closely together” and “protect the delicate balance” to “realize the vision of reconciliation” contained in the Good Friday Agreement. “Unlocking Northern Ireland’s tremendous potential is a vital part of safeguarding the stability created by the Agreement, and the UK and the US will continue to work together toward that shared goal,” the text said.

For his part, Johnson has stressed that there is “total harmony” between London and Washington on the need to resolve trade problems in Northern Ireland, in relation to the disagreements between the United Kingdom and the EU as a result of Brexit and that a few months ago they provoked violent protests in the territory. The United States was closely involved in the drafting of the Good Friday Agreement, with US Senator George Mitchell presiding over the talks that led to the peace agreement.

After the meeting between the two, the British Prime Minister has declared that President Biden is “a breath of fresh air.” In addition, he has welcomed that Washington is willing to work with them jointly on “many” issues, ranging from security, NATO, or climate change.

“This is not something that is said lightly, we have reaffirmed the special relationship between our peoples and renew our commitments …

This article originally appeared on The HuffPost and has been updated.

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