Biden: Training Forces Is America’s New Role In Iraq

15 minutes. US President Joe Biden said Monday that Washington’s new role in Iraq will be limited only to training and empowering Iraqi forces in their fight against Islamic State.

He ruled out continuing by the end of the year on a “combat mission.”

“Our role in Iraq will be to remain available to continue training, to assist, assist and deal with the Islamic State, but by the end of the year we will not be on a combat mission,” he explained.

This was stated by Biden during a meeting he held at the White House with the Iraqi Prime Minister, Mustafa al Kadhimi.

“We are committed to our security cooperation, our shared fight against Islamic State is fundamental for the stability of the region and therefore our counterterrorism operation will continue, even as we move into this new phase of which we speak,” he said.

“Iraq has been a vital partner for the United States for some time in the Middle East,” Biden said.

He mentioned that “I have always been deeply involved with Iraq throughout my career in the Senate, as vice president and as president,” he remarked.

“The sacrifices that so many have made to build the partnership between the United States and Iraq have been real and momentous. My administration is committed to strengthening that partnership,” he said.

On health, Biden assured the Iraqi prime minister that some doses will arrive.

In “a couple of weeks” the country will receive half a million doses of vaccines against the coronavirus coronavirus as part of that cooperation. “

Upcoming elections

Facing the legislative elections that are scheduled for next October, Biden was confident that these elections will go ahead.

These elections were postponed at first.

“We are working very hard with the Iraqi government to ensure that the United Nations and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and we have oversight that they will be full and fair elections,” he said.

For his part, Prime Minister Kadhimi thanked the American people for their efforts over the years.

He believes that thanks to this cooperation, Iraq “is today stronger than ever.”

The Iraqi leader is expected to stay at least 3 more days in the United States, where he also plans to meet with congressional representatives.

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