Biden said the federal government is ready to help the victims of the Miami landslide

The partial collapse of a building in the South Florida resort town of Surfside has become international news and even the president of the United States is taking action.

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Joe Biden spoke about the tragedy during a press conference in the nation’s capital. Biden was answering questions from journalists about his infrastructure plan and mentioned that yesterday he had met with Miami Dade Mayor Daniella Levine Cava to discuss this project and the increase in gun violence in the main urban centers of the city. country.

In the middle of this statement, the president made mention of a new telephone call he had today with Levine Cava, but this time in relation to what happened in Surfside – it should be remembered that this city is one of the 34 municipalities that are part of the county of Miami Dade-.

“Coincidentally, Mayor Levine Cava was in my office yesterday. And I spoke to her today, not about the same thing obviously. We had a long talk today. I have also been in contact with Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who represents that area. We have contacted FEMA and they are ready to act, ”the president explained.

FEMA is the federal agency in charge of providing funds and assistance in emergencies. But in order to act, the case must be declared as an emergency, and the power to make that declaration rests solely with the governor.

“They (referring to FEMA officials) are down there, surveying the area, seeing what is needed. But I’m waiting for the governor to declare a state of emergency, especially if he determines what will happen to the part that is still standing, “explained Biden.

While there is no official word about it, it is estimated that the part of the building that did not collapse will need to be demolished. It is even likely that the tower that is next to the collapsed one will have to be demolished.

“We are following everything that happens, and we are ready to act with federal funds immediately. If they don’t ask us, we can’t act, but FEMA is already there. Seeing what is missing, even in the other buildings. If you have to evacuate everything, know what to do with those people, give them a place to stay, make sure they have food, “said the president.

In closing, Biden sent a message to the people of Florida, which was directly addressed to DeSantis: “I tell the people of Florida, whatever help they want the federal government to give them, we are here waiting. Just ask for it and we will be there ”.

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