Biden returns to war

A thousand dead making smoke signals

and an Iroquois claiming the empire in its twilight

Biden’s motto – launched during his first foreign policy speech, already as president – “America is back” left it intentionally incomplete. In truth it said “America, with Biden, returns to war.” He has only allowed 36 days to pass since his inauguration in the White House to order his first action of war, the bombing of an accommodation of the Syrian militias allied to Iran, in the area of ​​Abu Kamal (province of Deir Ezzor, to the east from Syria). According to information from the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (OSDH), 22 militiamen have so far been killed by the US attack.

There is always an excuse for every crime. In this case, a series of rockets hit the US military base located at the Erbil airport, in the semi-autonomous region run by the Kurds, resulting in the death of a non-US “civilian contractor” and wounding several “ contractors ”. Although Washington itself did not officially determine who was responsible for this attack, it has served as an excuse.

The double language, which accompanies the new wars and US interventions in different countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America, calls the mercenaries “contractors”. To avoid the painful consequence of the losses of the US military in war conflicts around the world – and that so much pain and rejection has generated in the American people since the Vietnam War – Washington has replaced its official troops in the most dangerous military activities with mercenaries with the commercial label of “contractors.” Thus, in addition, the real military budget is disguised by deducting the mercenary expenses of the “contractors” from the official budget.

The attack was aimed immediately at the bombed facilities in Syria, but the real target was Iran. Already, during the Trump administration, in early 2020, the US Army killed the powerful General Qasem Soleimani, commander of the elite Al Quds force of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, in a drone attack.

With the airstrikes, the United States tries to get other Arab countries dissatisfied with the Iranian and Syrian governments to pressure European countries to get involved in support of the US intervention. Biden promotes a “multilateralism” that consists of involving America’s allies, especially Europeans, and getting them to muddle through the Middle East through NATO.

The Biden administration must face the same dilemma as that of Trump, that is, face the imperial decline of the North American superpower, the rise of new centers of power that aspire to a multipolar world order, and the incessant and growing struggle of the countries. and peoples of the world to escape from North American dominance.

The central problem for the US is how to contain the rise of China. And Biden has made it clear that he is not going to relax in any way the encirclement – economic, commercial, technological, political, diplomatic and military – to China. Biden has said that Trump’s unilateralism has ended up benefiting Beijing. And he proposes “changing the basic nature of the confrontation”, working for a “united front of US allies and partners to confront China”, increasing the participation of its European allies from NATO, Japan and Australia. It would no longer be the United States against China, but to place China against the set of Western powers.

The fact is that during the last four years the world has changed. The American decline has deepened and the emergence of China and the Asia-Pacific area has advanced as well as the progressive irrelevance of Europe. A trend that the pandemic is exacerbating.

It cannot be said that Trump’s policy has not been aggressive, even at times highly reckless, or that it has not seriously endangered world peace. But in fact, Donald Trump is the only president in recent decades to complete his term without directly engaging the United States in a new major war conflict.

On the contrary, his predecessor Barack Obama – of which Joe Biden was Vice President – is the only North American president who holds the record of serving two full terms – eight years – with the country at war each and every one of his days, including the day who received the Nobel Peace Prize.

Together, Obama and Biden bombed Afghanistan, Libya, Somalia, Pakistan, Yemen, Iraq, and Syria; they promoted coups d’état – the so-called “soft” and the starkly hard – in Honduras and Paraguay; and they destabilized Venezuela, Brazil, Ecuador and Bolivia; in addition to designing and encouraging “springs” and “color revolutions” in the Maghreb and Ukraine.

We must be aware that the more the peoples’ struggle reduces the space of world domination of the United States, the more its aggressiveness and adventurism will increase, and the more it will try to loot the countries under its orbit and launch counteroffensive to try to recover the lost ground. As long as it exists, the American superpower constitutes a tremendous threat – which should not be underestimated for a moment, even if it dresses in silk – to world peace and to all the peoples of the world.

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