Biden repeals Trump decrees on immigration, social media and statues

US President Joe Biden on Friday revoked a series of decrees from his predecessor, Donald Trump, on immigration, social media and the destruction of Confederate statues, among other issues.

The White House reported the annulment of several Trump proclamations and executive orders.
In one of the announcements, Biden reported the end of a policy that since November 2019 prevented immigrants unable to pay for health care expenses in the US from obtaining visas and also those individuals who could not prove that they would obtain health insurance for a month after arriving in the country.

Biden assured that his government wants to “expand access to affordable and quality health care,” but for this it does not need to prohibit the entry of immigrants with few economic resources. On the other hand, the president annulled an order by Trump for the Department of Justice to investigate companies such as Facebook and Twitter for eliminating false content or that incites violence.

Trump himself, who considered that those policies restricted freedom of expression, was banned on Twitter and Facebook after the assault on the Capitol on January 6.

Another of the revoked orders concerned foreign aid – their goal was for all US aid to be distributed with the same logo, instead of the different symbols it currently carries, depending on the agency that carries it. delivery.

In addition, Biden ended a project to build a new monument dubbed the “National Garden of America’s Heroes,” with which Trump wanted to pay tribute to a variety of historical figures, from music stars like Whitney Houston to conservative politicians, such as the evangelical Reverend Billy Graham.

An order that Trump signed in June 2020 to request that any act of vandalism against federal property be prosecuted “to the fullest extent possible” was also revoked.

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